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Makeup Artist, Hairstylist, Lash Extensions, Facials & Waxing

Shadeher Beauty was originated in 2017 amongst beautiful Artists' and influencers in Oakland, CA. Founder and Makeup Artist, Jesslenia Chhin launched the Beauty line September 2021, the day of her birthday. Creating a beauty brand for all women and men of all shades, skin tones, nationalities and age. The beauty industry is a broad place, however it can be hard to feel accepted at times and its hard to be recognized, but Shadeher Beauty opened a place for our #Shadeherbeauties to feel apart and accepted no matter the skin that they sleep in. We are not only a brand, but a family you can be apart of. This place is for Artists, Hairstylists, Lash Techs and Estheticians and Cosmetologists to be creative, develop new skills, learn new techniques, and be themselves.

As Shadeher Beauty continues to grow and expand, in 2023 the brand adopted a new name for itself, Shadeher Beauty Mobile Spa. A mission to create more convenient Beauty services for Bridal Parties. A 5 star mobile spa that provides A1 Bridal services to Brides all around the east coast; Makeup, Hairstyles, Lash extensions, Facials and Waxing. You name it. They take pride in providing convenient customer service while maintaining a comfortable and luxurious atmosphere. Shadeher Beauty Mobile Spa are determine the steps and ensure that the Bride's are happy and satisfied when they walk out their chair. 

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About Shadeher Beauty: About Us
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